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The Side Biter :


Improving Oral Dysphagia Therapy, 
​One Side Bite at a Time


The Side Biter by Gnosh, Inc 

100% Made in the USA

The Side Biter is a specialized, innovative FDA Class 1 medical device for use with people from over age 2 years of age who have physical, neurological, oral motor, sensory food aversions, feeding or swallowing impairments. 

This 3-level device provides a systematic approach that gradually allows therapeutic amounts of food to enter the mouth which stimulates sensory-muscular skills and exercises the lips, tongue, jaw using

flavorful, real food.

The Side Biter system gradually and safely supports the development of safe, effective chewing, side biting skills, lateral-rotary tongue motion in the oral phase of eating and leads to improved oral motor, food acceptance and swallowing abilities.  

The wide rubber handle offers the patient hand-to-mouth self-feeding opportunities for all ages.
Not intended to be a feeder (i.e., spoon)


Hot & soapy water, dishwasher safe or boil for 10 minutes. 

See cleaning instructions enclosed.

NOTE:   Do not use with nuts, seeds

or other sharp foods.

Includes device and all components

No Separate Parts
To Choke On


Class 1 Medical Device

Distinguishing Features

Lifespan Application for patients ages 2 -102 years

Offers Dysphagia Therapy methods using this FDA registered Class 1 medical tool for systematic therapeutic chewing & swallowing practice

Nutritive Chewing for improving functional eating and swallowing skills

Designed with patient self-feeding independence in mind