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Why the Mini Side Biter

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Why design a Mini Biter, a smaller version of the Side Biter?

In feeding and swallowing therapy there are many sizes and shapes of mouths. There are some people with oral-motor and dysphagia who have smaller oral structures then others for their chronological age. There are some clients who are young 8 months and up may require a shorter biting tip based upon their clinician’s goals. Therapists requested a smaller version to use with physically limited clients, and for smaller children who were learning to side bite, chew and swallow more effectively.

The Mini Biter was developed with a 2 inch biting tip. It has the original handle for ease of clinical and caregiver positioning within therapeutic guidance in formal feeding-swallowing therapy. For ease of cleaning, the Mini Biter’s diameter is the same and a custom-made scrub brush is included.
The Mini Biter can provide 3 ml amount of gradual food experiences through 6 holes instead of 10 holes (Level 3). This therapeutic chewing-swallowing tool can be used to motivate and elicit oral movements and swallowing during chewing-swallowing exercises with flavorful diced
and frozen foods. The Yellow plunger (food color corn, squash, banana) was selected to assist in visual stimulation for low vision clients. The plunger acts to hold the food in the biting tip and not to eject food into the mouth. The Mini Biter is a chewing and swallowing exercise tool and not a feeder like a spoon.

As with all feeding-swallowing tools, a complete dysphagia assessment is required prior to using the Mini Biter or any Side Biter tools. All Gnosh, Inc products are intended to be used with a skilled medical professional.


Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Mini Biter
sampale plate for therapy
sampale plate for therapy
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