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The Side Biter System (Levels 1-3), single Side Biters & Mini Biter:
Oral motor & Swallowing Exercise Tools
Improving Oral Dysphagia Therapy, ​One Side Bite at a Time 

Best sellers

MINI BITER!   For smaller mouths (7 months & up)

The Side Biter & Mini Biter by Gnosh, Inc 
100% Made in the USA

Gnosh, Inc offers private feeding-swallowing diagnostic & therapeutic consultative services & products. Contact me to arrange services

 The Side Biter & Mini Biter tools were created by Cheryl Pelletier, M.S.,CCC-SLP, Gnosh, Inc owner & a feeding-swallowing specialist.  This innovative, mouth-safe, therapeutic chewing & swallowing system was designed for people over age 2 years of age (to adulthood) who have physical, neurological, oral motor, sensory food aversions, feeding or swallowing impairments.  The Side Biter Kit (3 Levels) provides the skilled therapist to offer a systematic approach that motivates patients to gradually allow therapeutic amounts of diced or frozen food to enter the mouth which stimulates sensory-muscular skills and exercises the lips, tongue, jaw and swallowing using flavorful, diced food.  The Mini Biter is 2 inches in length & has 6 holes, designed for smaller mouths (9 months and up).


Child holdin New Mini Biter
Down Syndrome Child using side biter

NOTE: Any Side Biter level can be selected for use with patients depending upon their needs. 

Not all patients will require the complete 3-level kit. 

A complete dysphagia assessment is required prior to use of The Side Biter & Mini Biter


Who can benefit from the Side Biter or Mini Biter? 

Children or adults with brain injuries, cerebral palsy, stroke, pediatric dysphagia, adult dysphagia, premature birth, developmental delays, oral cancer, Down syndrome, autism and aspiration risks.   


Therapists can guide a patient and/or select the Side Biter/ Mini level that best suits their patient’s clinical needs. The Side Biter provides a systematic approach that gradually allows therapeutic amounts of food to enter the mouth which stimulates sensory-muscular skills and exercises the lips, tongue, jaw and swallow activation using flavorful, diced food.   The Side Biter system gradually and safely supports the development of safe, effective chewing, side biting skills, lateral-rotary tongue motion in the oral phase of eating and leads to improved oral motor, food acceptance and swallowing abilities.  

The wide rubber handle offers the patient hand-to-mouth self-feeding opportunities for all ages.
Not intended to be a feeder (i.e., spoon)


Hot & soapy water, dishwasher safe or boil for 10 minutes.  See cleaning instructions enclosed.

NOTE:   Do not use with nuts, seeds or other sharp foods.

Made in USA

Includes device and all components

Safe Non-choking tools

No Separate Parts
To Choke On

Dishwasher Safe



Class 1 Medical Device

Distinguishing Features

Lifespan Application for patients ages 2 years to adulthood

Offers Dysphagia Therapy methods using a  systematic therapeutic chewing & swallowing practice

Nutritive Chewing for improving functional eating and swallowing skills

Designed with patient self-feeding independence in mind

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