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The Side Biter Level 1

Resources for medical professionals

This clear silicone cylinder is a “sham bolus” that has no holes. The individual patient who is unsafe to eat food, based upon medical complications can use this with supervision.  A patient who has severe sensory issues such as gagging would benefit from this level. The patient can see and feel the food inside during chewing practice in dysphagia therapy.  No food flavor or fragments can enter the mouth.  The benefits of The Side Biter Level 1 “sham bolus” cylinder includes, but are not limited to: ​

  • Develops pre-feeding oral motor and swallowing skills.

  • Increases visual sensory processing information of specific foods and how food is altered when they chew on it to varying degrees under professional supervision in dysphagia therapy.

  • Increases tactile sensory processing about the feel of food on the molar surfaces while masticating. 

  • Improves auditory sensory information about the sound of the food as it is masticated

  • Increases saliva management for swallowing oral secretions while chewing on food without risk of aspiration on food particles.

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