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The Side Biter Level 2

Resources for medical professionals


  • Development of effective, safe swallow activation and frequency for swallowing saliva containing food information such as flavor, juices, food fragments. 


  • Improves effective, safe oral sensory skills via controlled, gradual food flavor, texture and particles enter the mouth.


  • Improves saliva control and swallowing given gradual increase in food stimulation in the mouth which is guided by the therapist.


  • Increases tongue and oral motor skills by gradually introducing  flavor and food particles into the mouth.


  • Improves muscular control for chewing with mandibular jaw action moving foods in the mouth to form a gradual bolus for swallow activation.


  • Development of independent, self-feeding development when patient can hold the Side Biter while chewing therapeutic food.


  • Advancement to the next cylinder level must be determined by a medical assessment of safe oral and swallowing skills.

Child using Side Biter

This clear silicone cylinder is specifically designed to allow flavor and food particles to enter the mouth on one side of the device through 5 holes.  The holes allow limited food information to flow through the soft tip into the mouth as the patient chews on the cylinder.  Holes are on one side to allow the therapist to guide the food to molars, inner cheeks or side of the tongue based upon their skilled assessment of patient needs.  The patient takes the biter out of the mouth to activate a swallow in dysphagia therapy. 

The benefits of The Side Biter Level #2 include, but are not limited to:

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